Friday, December 10, 2010

Help Me Never Forget

Ever so often I look at Mel Gibson's "the Passion ". One of the best versions of Christ's suffering on film. Today my daughter decided to look at it. I came in when Jim Cavezel, who played Jesus had just gotten the scourging and was standing before the crowd as they screamed "Crucify him!" She was crying and blurted out that she didn't know why she watched the movie since it always made her cry. Got to tell you I do the same every time I look at it.

The whole affair had me thinking that while crying about Christ's suffering was okay, the real thing to cry about would be if we forget or completely ignore why Christ went through all that suffering in the first place.

 He did it so that we wouldn't have to. He did it so that we would not be separated from the Father anymore. He did it because he loved us more than life.
Wow! Someone loved me enough to lay down his life for me.

Lord help me never forget that, amen.

Be blessed,