Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hello! I'm Right Over here!

Have you ever felt invisible? Like noone got you or what you were about? Have you ever felt like getting a negative feedback would be so much better than nothing at all; because at least someone would know you were there?
Lately I've felt like that a lot; especially when it comes to my artistic work. I remind myself that I don't paint because I want someone to notice. I  paint because I enjoy what I do. I feel closer to God when I paint.. But there is a downside to that. I want to get better at what I do because I always want to give Him my best. How do I know that my work is the best if noone sees it or pays attention to it? How can I grow if I don't know?
Thankfully I know one thing and this is the reason for this post. My father sees and knows. He knows my heart and yours. You are not invisible to Him. He sees and He knows and He loves you and me still. So keep going; pressing toward the mark of the high calling; pressing toward the reward that is greater than earthly acknowledgement.
Be blessed

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