Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Traits to be Coveted

I recently had a little accident where someone opened his door on my car and made a little mess. Dents and nicks everywhere. I was a little anxious because you hear horror stories of men being verbally abusive expecially when they're wrong and especially if it's a woman driver. This was not the case. He accepted responsibility, promised to take care of the charges and went the next day to make payments to the straightener. At the time I simply said thank you and went on my way.

The more I think about it the more I believe he deserved more. In an age where it is easier to be dishonest and as we say here 'wrong and strong', he showed integrity and responsibility; traits we seldom get; even from the people elected to serve us and govern. It is nice to know that they still exist. We must follow suit and also seek those who make honesty a part of their lives and affirm them.What they practise is a rare find indeed.

Be blessed


Proverbs 22:1

Why not take a few minutes to read:

Psalm 1

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