Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Things We Take for Granted

Elena Kourenkova

Went off for the weekend. There was no internet-There was dial-up which would have robbed the house of phone communication and in a house where that is vital, it was impossible to use the internet, so there was no internet. I missed it. I missed being able to communicate with cyber people (Is that a term?) since I generally spend very little time talking to the ones I can see. I missed my blog time. It has become so much a part of my morning devotional time  with God that I felt that something was missing.

This got me thinking of all the things I take for granted as being there; as being a permanent fixture in my life. I thought about all the tomorrows I thought I had when I said "Well I'll deal with that tomorrow." This further reminded me of the saying: "You never miss the water, till the well runs dry" and led to the question how many wells have I let run dry? We take for granted that our families will always be there that we will always be able to spend time with our kids. So we do our own thing and practically ignore their needs and sing for them a refrain that has become all too familiar  and all too hated: " Not now dear, mommy/ daddy is busy" We do the same with our spouses and then wonder why they want to leave or, missed entirely, the fact that they have already left, it's just the shell that lives in the house.
And of course, we do that with God. We weigh committing to God against our 'more important' committments and activities and God is found wanting. So He is shelved for a time when we have time; when we are not so busy and sometimes that time never comes.

The reality is we do not have tomorrow. We have today. We have this moment. We have the well right in front of us. Drink deeply. Tomorrow might meet that wellspring dry or tainted or belonging to someone else. Take advantage of the time you have now to meet with God, get to know Him who to know is life eternal (John 17:3) Spend time with your kids. Get to know them. If they have moved from toddler/ child stage to pubescent/ adolescent stage then you need to get to know them all over again. Don't miss that opportunity. It will be gone before you blink and the person you conceived will be the stranger you pay college fees for. Spend time with you spouse. There had to have been a reason you married him/her. There had to have been love there. Take time to fan the flames and keep them hot and spicy or warm and welcoming. If you let the embers grow cold, blow your warm breath over it. It will rekindle. All it needs is effort on your part. Make it. It is worth it.
Taking the time to do the really important things today is worthwhile. Tomorrow is not promised. All we have is today.

Be blessed.

IICorinthians 6:2
(For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted,
 and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee:
behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is
the day of salvation.)

Why not take a few minutes to read:

Hosea 10


Has the potential for a relationship with God been allowed to stagnate?
What have you allowed to die because of too many "I'll do it tomorrow"? 
What can you revive that's worth reviving?

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