Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Have Been Promised

When it seems as if the many activities and commitments are threatening to overwhelm you as they are threatening to do to me now you do not need to go under. The wonderful thing about God's word is that there is a promise for every situation that besets us.

Today I claim for myself Philippians 4:13 because God has promised that through Christ I can do all things. So in the midst of the many deadlines and demands on my time I can be calm because I believe that I can meet them all. I can claim Isaiah 43:2 for the Lord has promised that I will not be overwhelmed by the waters nor the fire. Isaiah 50:7 for I know the Lord will help me.

Why not take some time and get to know God through His word and see a wonderful world unfold before you. A world that unlike our present circumstance promises peace and prosperity, love and eternity.

Be blessed

The verses I have listed above are but a drop in the bucket. There are over a thousand promises that we can claim in the bible.
I urge you to take the time to discover these words of life.

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