Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grace is Life

I hope you missed me yesterday. It was a long and hard day that started at 3:45 am and ended who knows when. But I missed you.
I was studying my bible lesson this morning and and interesting point was brought out. It said that when we love God that He gives us the Holy Spirit and a heart that has a deep sense of gratitude. However, that should not be the end of it. Loving God involves our whole being. It sparked some thought as to the way I love God. Yes I strive to obey Him and spend time in prayer and bible study (more of that can be done) but there are some areas that I have neglected and feel that right now I am definitely living on grace.

I have been a poor steward of my health. I go to sleep very late to get up very early or I eventually zone out on the couch and have to awakened to go to bed. My eating pattern is in chaos and I find myself  having to buy something to eat a lot, (bagging out lunches for everyone else and running out of time to do mine), that has been prepared with pack seasonings that contain untold horrors, instead of fresh herbs. I have very limited free time so exercise seems to be out of the question. I was walking with my mom, now I hardly have time for that. I eke out time to spend with my family; just barely. I am going and going and doing and doing but not putting in anything that will keep me healthy; both  mentally and physically.

As you read this feel free to identify with the parts that sound like you. All of us are guilty of neglecting our health and well-being. We focus on it when it slaps us in the face by failing on us- whether in the form of some serious physical malaise or some mental melt-down. Eventually, we all will have to face the reality of old age or some hereditary illness. It is absolutely not necessary to help them along with our poor habits.
What does these poor habits include in addition to what was mentioned? Yes procrastination too.

Loving God with our whole being involves taking care of our body and mind and setting a good example so others will see how it's done. How do our children and loved ones see us taking care of ourselves? God visits us with grace in the form of life every day. A lot of us now, if we were to do an examination of our internal organs would realise that we are indeed walking on grace, breathing on grace because there is no logical reason why we're alive, the way they are broken down.
I asked God today to help me make better choices for my health. What about you?
Be in health and prosper.

Be blessed

Read and meditate 3John.

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