Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Kind Do You Have?

Kezia Maya Fox (my daughter)
Colour Splash Inter-weave,
digital art

This morning as I read my devotional and studied my lesson for today from my quarterly bible study, one question kept confronting me and that was what kind of relationship did I have with God? I completed my morning devotions and stared the question in the eye, trying to come up with an answer that both God and I would be satisfied with. But the truth was, no matter how I could spin it I had to admit that my relationship track record with God was not that impressive.

There had been too many times when I had disregarded the rules of conduct and told God how He should behave and what He should do. There had been too many times I had ignored Him and gone off to march to my own drum. There had been too many selfish times; too many times of mis-placed moments of mistrust -on my part.

My relationship style needed a serious overhaul. For a moment, I became anxious but then reality shifted back into place I became aware of one very poignant fact. God had not gone anywhere. Through it all He had remained, patiently working in my life; smoothing out the rough edges and teaching me what a real relationship is like.

I prayed this morning that my relationship with Him would be one where I ultimately commit my life to His care and keeping. Afterall who best to keep and care for it than the One who created it and knows it intimately.

 So... What kind do you have?

Be blessed


Isaiah 55: 6
Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:

Why not take a few minutes to read:

Isaiah 55


On your relationship with God: where it is and where it needs to be. What's holding you back from making it a meaningful one?

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  1. Its amazing how much effort we place into our carnal relationships, marriages, friendships and parent children relationships, but how much do we invest into the on that really matters? So we all experience the unimpressive relationships with God but how many of us recognize and admit it and then takes the steps to change? So thanks Greta for the reminder that I need to stop this unrequited love affair and start lovin on the one who loved me first and better yet...who loves me still.


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