Friday, March 5, 2010

Time to Step Up!

Do you wnat to start a revolution that will sweep across this world like and ocean wave at high tide? Do you want to be remembered and immortalised like no artist has ever been? Do you want to make a difference in the world like no president ever has? Be a mentor.

We take up our time with so many things and while they are important and most of the time meaningful, we forget that our time on this earth shouldn't simply be spent chasing after our own phantoms, they should also be spent in worthwhile pursuit; In giving to those in need.

Everyday I see them. Young women who have no clue as to what a real woman is or how a woman should behave. They are growing up believing  that a real woman is loose and 'easy' a real woman must depend on a man in order to get by or a real woman doesn't need to know how to take care of her family since she has a        J O B.
There are young men whose idea of a real man is that he's a gun toting, irresponsible stud who doesn't need to work nor does he need to maintain his family nor do anything substantial. All he needs to do is wear his jeans as low as he can and shove gold in his mouth or 'buy' a car that will be the chick magnet of the 21st century.

We can make such a difference in a young persons life if we just take the time to impart the strong values that we learnt from our parents and mentors and the burns as a result of our own mistakes. Some may say that because society is the way it is they may be spurned by parents for taking an interest in their children. I say to you once your intentions are honourable, they will be welcomed.

God expects us to be role models; to be the example and teacher of the young. Women are to teach young girls to respect their womanhood, how to take care of their homes- Yes even in the 21st century- and be the heart of the home. Men are to teach our boys how to be honourable and respectful of our girls and to be the caretaker of the home. Teach them industry and responsibility. Teach them to fear God. Teach them by your example and right living. Isn't it time that we started to impart the right kind of knowledge?
Be blessed

Take a few minutes to read and Meditate on:

Titus 2

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