Monday, March 15, 2010

Opportunity is Knocking!

First major painting I ever did.
 Boy am I thankful that I took advantage of that opportunity

Yesterday was fantastic. I attended, with my daughter, a youth conference in which Right Admiral Dr Barry C. Black, Chaplain of the U.S. Senate was the key note speaker. He outlined for the young people there, four ways to be successful. I thought I'd spend some time talking about each of them with you this week.
The first one was "Be prepared for opportunities" In being prepared for opportunities you would be able to recognise them in whatever form they come even if they come disguised as work.

What I want to focus on today though, is this. Most of the time we allow ourselves to see opportunities but the one opportunity that always presents itself; the one where we can get to know the One who created us and knows us best; and i'm not talking about joining a church or getting religion. I'm talking about simply sitting down and saying "Lord, I don't know you and I would like to get to" Why is it we can open ourselves up to new experiences in foods, clothes, places, people and even jobs but we shy away from knowing God?

Because I opened myself up to the possibility of learning something new yesterday and even the first time I was faced with the invitation to meet God that a lot of the other great opportunities I have had presented themselves. What's holding you back?

Be blessed

Take a few minutes to read, meditate and reflect on;
Nehemiah's story in the book of

Nehemiah 1-13

It may seem like a lot of reading but if you read 1 chapter a day this week you can let it go over. It's a great story.


  1. This was a great read to end my night...albeit 1:25am. Thank you.

  2. that is a book in the bible i am not very familiar with. u massaged my curious mind to go there.


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