Thursday, March 4, 2010

Commit Thy Way

Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him... Ps. 37:5

Commitment is a big word so many of us are afraid to utter. It requires us to give up parts of ourselves and time that we would ordinarily not give. It threatens to strip us bare because in order to commit we must be intimate- another big word. We must lay ourselves bare to another imperfect soul and entrust to them our feelings, fears and foul-ups.

Yet we all need to commit in order to grow and move forward. We all need to take that step of faith where we say “I am not comfortable being this open but I’m willing to take that step.” The process is hard and, in some cases can be disappointing when we place our trust in the wrong things and people. Hearts can be broken; shattered to a point where it seems impossible to mend or to be able to trust again.

I am glad that even though committing to people can be a ‘hit and miss’ affair at times that committing to God is a sure thing. The bible says that God’s ways are not our ways and his thoughts not our thoughts. That means that He will not take us for granted and abuse our trust as we sometimes abuse His. It also means that we can be comfortable exposing our true selves to God because He already knows us inside out yet loves us and seeks after us. If there is one thing I’ve learnt so far in the midst of my stumbling around it’s this: There is nothing we can do or say that will change God’s love for us. Isn’t that a sure reason to want to commit our way to God?

Be blessed


Isaiah 55: 6,8,9

Why not take a few minutes to read:

Isaiah 55


  1. Wish you the best of luck.. Sometimes, Luck plays an important part in life!!!

    Have a nice day !!

  2. Dess,nice to meet you. I have found though that with God, luck has nothing to do with it. With God you are sure of where you stand, no matter what is going on around you. I have also found that even with people, once you place your relationships before Him, he steers you in the right direction with that too.


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